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Maintenance of CNC Lathe

Apr. 14, 2021

Maintenance of CNC Lathe

CNC lathes are common in the production field and are also an important part of the manufacturing process, standardizing the key elements used in the development of everyday products such as automobiles.

CNC means "Computer Numerical Control", and it describes its operating process-the manufacturers rely on computer programming integration, which gives the thematic design of its work. CNC lathes are widely used in the manufacture of auto parts and other steel parts, and they can also be turned.

This conversion process is achieved by applying stress on the work surface to make it a universal shape, which can be programmed into any shape you want-the skies’s the limit!

CNC lathe is an advanced equipment with excellent performance, wide processing range and high production efficiency. On the basis of absorbing advanced machine tool design and manufacturing technology at home and abroad, adopting the latest design concepts, combined with the deep corporate culture of heavy Industry, we have developed a precision machine tool integrating electromechanical and hydraulic. The following is an introduction to the maintenance of CNC lathes.

1) Preparation and precautions of initial use

First, check the working conditions of the electrical, hydraulic, lubrication and control systems.

Second, check the running conditions of each speed from low to high and the idle stroke of each moving part.

Third, within the first 200 hours of use, the weight of the workpiece to be processed should not exceed 50% of the allowable load of the worktable, and the highest two-stage speed of the worktable should not be used. The cutting force should not exceed 50% of the maximum cutting force. The iron plate should not be adjusted too tightly, and the head should not be stretched too long.

Fourth, change the oil every month after the first operation, and then change the oil every three months or six months after the operation.

2) Notes

First of all, pay attention to check the position of the handle before driving and whether the jaws are clamping the workpiece.

Second, check the cleanliness of the guide rail lubrication.

Third, check whether the signal light and the interlocking device are sensitive and reliable.

Fourth, check whether the moving parts enter the limit position and whether the screws are loose before movement.

Fifth, when the workbench is unstable, mechanical speed change is not allowed, but the stepless speed regulation part of the feed motion and the main motion can be adjusted at any time as needed.

Sixth, when hoisting the workpiece, the 80 oil pump motor should be stopped first, so as to avoid the sudden increase of oil pressure when the hoisting workpiece is unstable, which will damage the feedback valve pressure gauge.

Seventh, do not stop the tool before exiting.

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