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The History Of Lathe Machine

Mar. 23, 2021

The History Of Lathe Machine

One of the oldest tools used in the machining industry is called a lathe. This is a tool believed to have been created by the ancient Egyptians in 1300 BC. It is called the mother of machine tools because it was the first machine tool that led to the invention of other machine tools. It is used to perform turning operations, remove unnecessary material from the workpiece, and rotate against the cutting tool. Ancient Rome improved the Egyptian design and added a rotatable bow. In the Middle Ages, a pedal replaced the manual rotation, allowing the craftsman's hands to freely hold the woodworking tools. The pedal is usually connected to a pole, which is usually a straight-grained sapling. With the advent of the industrial revolution, the role of the lathe became more and more important, because it began to be used to machine parts for other machine tools, and the lathe evolved into a hydraulic lathe with thicker and more rigid parts. During this period, steam engines and water wheels were installed on the lathe to rotate the workpiece at a higher speed, making work faster and easier. These lathes are essential cornerstones of modern times, helping pave the way for current industrialization and automation. By the end of the 19th century, electric motors had become the preferred source of power for lathes, which revolutionized industry and further accelerated production. In the 20th century, lathes further modernized the industry, helping to provide computerized precision and CNC lathes were introduced.

Since then, this ancient machine has evolved a lot, but ancient sources have seen some of the same uses, such as chess and backgammon turntables and anything with an axis that can be held from either end and turned. The first lathe was a simple lathe, now called a two-person lathe. A person would use a rope to turn a wooden product, and this person would use a sharp tool to shape the workpiece. There are three types of modern lathes: center lathes, bench lathes and engine lathes. The engine lathe is mainly used today because it is almost completely automated. Center lathes can be automated or manual, and are more common in many smaller projects. Bench lathes can be installed on the workbench for the smallest and most detailed projects.

With the development of electronic technology and automation engineering, advanced computer-controlled lathes have also been developed. Advanced lathes have many advantages over traditional lathes. On conventional lathes, lathe operators regularly check the dimensions to obtain perfect accuracy, while for high-precision work, it takes more time to complete the work. This is very important because if the operator removes excess metal from the workpiece, the entire workpiece will be wasted, which will result in loss of money and time. However, even if lathes are helpful, they can be dangerous, especially for inexperienced turners, because lathes are not widely used like table saws, band saws, splicing, etc. A heavy enough grapple can also damage the tool holder and steel turning tool. Other hazards include loose clothing, jewelry, and long hair being caught by the workpiece or spindle.

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