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Application of CNC Lathe Machine in Manufacturing Industry

Jul. 20, 2021

CNC lathe machine has replaced all old-fashioned lathes. Its advancement has affected all manufacturing or production industries. It not only reduces stress, but also increases productivity without compromising quality. It also saves time and labor. The CNC lathe is designed in a way that it can create complex cutting materials such as plastic, metal and wood.

The CNC lathe is very versatile and consists of a very fast spinning spindle.

CNC lathes have flourished, and it is used in manufacturing to produce different parts.

This advanced technology has become a part of industries which involves work on parts reclamation, glass processing, metal spinning, wood processing, thermal spraying and other industries.

What is a CNC lathe machine?

Basically, a lathe is a device used to remove excess material. It rotates the work piece on the spindle, or uses tools and drills of different diameters on the work piece to remove additional material and create a symmetrical object.

CNC lathes can create various cuts, shapes and minute details on rotating work parts. The programming of computer numerical control lathes produces complex cutting hard materials and creates high-quality products in less time consumption and high speed.

For production lathes, the bed of the lathe is usually flat. Lathes are available in different sizes; they can be purchased according to production needs.

Small lathes are a perfect manufacturing industry and require less production, while large CNC lathes are a good manufacturing industry and require mass production.

CNC lathe

CNC lathe

Application of CNC Lathe in Manufacturing

When a machine provides the required output in a limited time, it becomes valuable to spend money on it. CNC lathes can guarantee the production of fine finished products, and can also provide complex parts. The exquisite and good finish provided by CNC lathes has increased its demand in industries such as electronics, aerospace, gun manufacturing, automobiles, and sports. Lathes are used to make planes and threads. It is even used to make complex three-dimensional products. For any work piece, the work piece is tightly grasped by one or two centers which one moves horizontally. Sometimes, the work piece is placed tightly with collets or clamps.

Why CNC lathe machine?

Well finished product:

CNC lathes provide sophisticated products. People need to set the required commands to get the required products.

Reduced time consumption:

The CNC lathe machine not only produces high-quality products, but also reduces time consumption. It improves production rate.

Application of lathe which makes it useful to industries

Industrial applications are forming, contour turning, cam machining, ultra-precision machining, and hard turning. The lathe used for these purposes is manufactured by the lathe manufacturer and has high accuracy and spindle speed and work fixture rigidity. The CNC lathe machine supplier ensures that they are made of structural materials with low thermal expansion and good dimensional stability. The machine is equipped with high control system and error compensation function. The exporters of lathe machines provide different kinds of lathe machines with reliability to meet all manufacturing needs with minimal maintenance operations. Productivity and feasibility are the correct definition of CNC lathe machines.

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