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How To Operate And Maintain CNC Lathes

Nov. 27, 2020

The guide rail of the CNC lathe bed adopts super audio frequency quenching, technology, strong wear resistance, high precision, advanced spindle system structure, stable speed, high cutting performance, and adopts ball screw transmission in longitudinal and transverse directions. The operation and maintenance of CNC lathes are introduced below.

1.Operating skills of CNC horizontal lathe machine

The operator needs to have a comprehensive understanding of operating CNC lathes. To understand the mechanical structure of the lathe: to understand the mechanical structure of the lathe; to grasp the distribution of the axis of the lathe; to firmly grasp the positive and negative directions of each CNC axis of the lathe; to grasp the function and use of each component of the lathe, such as simple pneumatic system principle function, simple hydraulic pressure System working principle and function; In addition, it is necessary to master the working principle and function of each auxiliary unit of the lathe, such as the working principle of the tool magazine, cooling unit, voltage regulator, electrical cabinet cooler, etc., the function usage method, and the working principle of each safety door lock of the lathe, How to use the function.

To be proficient in controlling the manual or automatic operation of the CNC lathe, and to control the movement of each CNC axis of the lathe. The operator must reach the realm of practice makes perfect, so that he can retract and release freely under any circumstances; only in the event of a collision or failure, the operator can correctly and timely deal with the problem, the operator will form a conditioned reflex and decisively take control Moving means.

To be proficient in the program, each process parameter compensation tool or grinding wheel diameter length compensation. First of all, you must be trained to master the programming language of the CNC lathe you want to operate, the programming method and the parameter compensation method. Most advanced CNC lathes are now equipped with programming or simulation PC workstations. Then beginners can start software editing and lathe cutting simulation learning on the workstation.

The actual processing skills, carefully prepare for the work, first read the drawings, confirm the position of the workpiece to be processed, confirm the accuracy tolerance of the workpiece to be processed, and then edit the processing program. To prepare the workpiece tool or grinding wheel for processing, prepare all the inspection instruments required for the processing process, and prepare all the auxiliary tooling and fixtures required for the processing process.

2.Maintenance of CNC lathe

CNC lathe is an advanced equipment with excellent performance, wide process range and high production efficiency. On the basis of drawing lessons from domestic and foreign advanced machine tool design and manufacturing technology, using the latest design concepts, combined with heavy Industry's profound corporate culture, developed a precision machine tool that integrates mechatronics and hydraulics. The following is done for the maintenance and maintenance of CNC lathes.

1)Preparation and precautions for initial use

First, check the working conditions of the electrical, hydraulic, lubrication and control systems.

Second, check the running conditions of various speeds from low to high and the idle stroke of each moving part.  

Third, in the initial 200 hours of use, the weight of the processed workpiece should not exceed 50% of the allowable load of the worktable, and the highest two-stage speed of the worktable should not be used. The cutting force should not exceed 50% of the maximum cutting force. The iron plate should not be adjusted too tightly, and the ram should not be extended too long.

Fourth, change the oil once a month after the first operation, and then change the oil once every three months or six months after operation.

CNC Lathe

2)Notes during use

First, pay attention to check the position of the handle before driving and whether the jaws are clamping the workpiece.

Second, check the cleanliness of the guide rail lubrication.

Third, check the signal light and whether the interlock device is sensitive and reliable.

Fourth, check whether the moving parts enter the limit position, and whether the screws are loosened before moving.

Fifth, when the workbench is not stable, mechanical speed change is not allowed, but the stepless speed regulation part of the feed motion and the main motion can be adjusted as needed at any time.

Sixth, when hoisting the workpiece, 80 oil pump motors should be stopped first, so as to avoid the sudden increase of oil pressure when the hoisting workpiece is not stable, and the feedback valve pressure gauge will be damaged.

Seventh, do not stop the tool before exiting.

3)Maintenance of machine packaging and long-term storage

When the machine is packaged and stored for a long time, the exposed processing surface should be coated with anti-rust agent. If the oil seal period exceeds, the oil seal should be re-sealed.

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