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Numerous Uses of CNC Lathes

Mar. 10, 2021

Numerous Uses of CNC Lathes

A CNC is a kind of computer numerical control machine tool used in various production processes. These are rapidly replacing old and traditional production lathes. These are easy to set up and operate, leading to accurate and fast production.

The CNC lathe was first developed by John Parsons in the late 1940s and is a modern version of the lathe used during the biblical period. Using computer numerical control (CNC), this unique machine has the ability to perform complex cutting of different types of materials, especially wood, plastic and metal.

Thanks to its extremely fast spindle head, CNC lathes are versatile. For this reason, they are widely used to manufacture parts for various industries. For example, this type of machine is commonly used for glass processing, parts recycling, metal spinning, metal processing, wood turning, and thermal spraying.

A CNC lathe is a production lathe, and its bed is usually flat. These lathes have different sizes according to actual needs. For example, small lathes are usually used for low production and therefore are found in maintenance facilities and shops, while large lathes are used when mass production is required.

Uses for CNC lathe

With a CNC lathe, the material being processed is slowly cut off. The result is an exquisite finished product or complex part. Because these machines are so versatile, they are used in many industries, including automotive, electronics, aerospace, gun manufacturing, sports, and more.

CNC lathes can be used to produce planes and threads, or in the case of decorative lathes, three-dimensional products are quite complex. In any case, the workpiece is firmly fixed in place by one or two centers, and at least one center moves horizontally. However, the material can also be fixed with clips or clamps.

Because this work is very detailed, a qualified professional must operate the lathe. Although the manufacturing process has become easier due to automation, which includes complex instructions and speeds indicated by internal computers, qualified operations supervise the entire operation. Therefore, special training must be conducted to develop the necessary skills.

Although CNC lathes are automated, they also have challenges. Therefore, the operator must understand the parameters of the computer program, safety standards and a series of other important information.

CNC lathe benefits manufacturing

With the development and advancement of technology, CNC lathes are automated, which means that the entire process is computerized. This is very helpful for production because it speeds up the process and reduces errors, because there is no human error on this issue. This is also an integrated process, making it single and giving the designer more control, which can help create parts faster. This will help companies reduce production costs, reduce waste, reduce working hours, speed up production, increase revenue, and reduce errors. There are many benefits to using these machines.

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